Spring Trailing Seminar is a Wrap!

We’ve just completed our spring trailing workshop with 10 K9 teams participating. Instructors Denise Alvord and Nick Hodgen of Crosswinds Canine were phenomenal! We are grateful to The Creag Foundation for their financial support for this seminar.

Here are a few things the participants had to say.

“I liked how Denise and Nick would get out the white board and describe what was going on with the air movement in different situations and explain why they set something up the way they did, or why the dog reacted the way it did.  Very helpful not only in helping us understand what was happening, but also helps us when setting up trails on our own.  I loved how they talked with us following our own trails, as well as talking with the group as we followed trails.  I learned so much by watching others and listening to Denise and Nick.”

“Thank you Cascadia Search Dogs for the well organized and responsive set up for this training. Great selection of training areas.
Thank you Denise and Nick for the direct feedback and direction provided. Your skill level is impressive and you work well together as a team. I appreciated the scenarios that were set up and the organized method used to lay tracks and work dogs. Very smooth.”

“Thanks to CSD, Nick and Denise for a mind stretching weekend.” 

Stay tuned for information about our Fall Trailing Seminar with Robert Noziska!