We are incredibly pleased to present TWO highly sought after seminars right here in Snohomish County, WA!

In October, 2023 Craig Schultz and Gregory Strickland with the K9 Behavior Consortium will be presenting two different workshops.

Problem Solving: October 18 & 19th. Develop training plans that reduce confusion and provide clarity in your training; learn how to implement a problem-solving system to get to the root of any behavior problem and develop a comprehensive action plan to solve it.

PAY THAT DOG!: October 20 -22nd. Learn reward selection and delivery systems; improve handler mechanics; challenge your assumptions in learning theory through practical exercises. This is a blend of classroom and hand-on experiences (with and without your dog).

Both working and audit spots will be available.

Applications to attend will open June 20th. Check back to our Facebook page or our website for the application form.

See the Flyer here.

Two New Certifications!

Two New Certifications!

We are so happy to announce that our President Janiece Miller and her K9 Parker, and our Vice President Candice Church and her K9 Mo achieved their Disaster Certification Evaluation – Live Find recently in Tulsa, OK!

This test has multiple components including pre-requisite testing in agility, obedience and direction and control. This final test consists of locating 6 target odors in 2 back-to-back searches on the rubble pile.

Both teams are also members of Northwest Disaster Search Dogs and can now deploy as part of that team.

We are so proud of what these two teams have accomplished!

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

CSD Member Chris Terpstra will be instructing at several workshops over the next few months. You can get information for each directly from the websites listed.

Scent Specific Workshop

April 21- 23, 2023

Bend, OR.

Deschutes Search and Rescue



June 15 – 19, 2023

Salem, OR



K9 Avalanche at Smart Dog Training Conference

Scottsdale, AZ

August 12 – 14, 2023

Smart Dog Training Conference

Spring Trailing Seminar is a Wrap!

Spring Trailing Seminar is a Wrap!

We’ve just completed our spring trailing workshop with 10 K9 teams participating. Instructors Denise Alvord and Nick Hodgen of Crosswinds Canine were phenomenal! We are grateful to The Creag Foundation for their financial support for this seminar.

Here are a few things the participants had to say.

“I liked how Denise and Nick would get out the white board and describe what was going on with the air movement in different situations and explain why they set something up the way they did, or why the dog reacted the way it did.  Very helpful not only in helping us understand what was happening, but also helps us when setting up trails on our own.  I loved how they talked with us following our own trails, as well as talking with the group as we followed trails.  I learned so much by watching others and listening to Denise and Nick.”

“Thank you Cascadia Search Dogs for the well organized and responsive set up for this training. Great selection of training areas.
Thank you Denise and Nick for the direct feedback and direction provided. Your skill level is impressive and you work well together as a team. I appreciated the scenarios that were set up and the organized method used to lay tracks and work dogs. Very smooth.”

“Thanks to CSD, Nick and Denise for a mind stretching weekend.” 

Stay tuned for information about our Fall Trailing Seminar with Robert Noziska!

First Pitch!

First Pitch!

On April 3, 2023 our very own K9 Keb was honored during the Seattle Mariners “Bark in the Park” home game with the Los Angeles Angels at T-Mobile Park.

Keb is now 13 years old and has spent her life find the missing and the lost. She has been recognized as the 2022 American Humane Search and Rescue Hero Dog and is featured in the award-winning bestseller “A Dog’s Devotion: True Adventures of a K9 Search and Rescue Team.”

Along with CSD members Suzanne Elshult and Guy Mansfield, Keb participated in the ceremonial “first pitch” at the ballpark! You can watch the video of their pitch here.

Photo credit: Dean Rutz, The Seattle Times

K9 Redden Memorial Training Scholarship Applications Now Open

K9 Redden Memorial Training Scholarship Applications Now Open

Applications for scholarships to SAR K9 trainings are now open on the Calvary Canine Website.


This scholarship is for Search & Rescue K9 teams of any discipline.

Applicants must be a member in good standing with a search team and provide a supporting letter. Independent handlers may apply but must provide a letter from a deploying agency confirming their affiliation.

Up to 5 scholarships will be awarded per cycle. A minimum score of 70% of the total points is required to qualify.

We Do Educational Presentations!

We Do Educational Presentations!

K9 Keb, along with CSD Members Suzanne Elshult and Guy Mansfield, recently gave an educational presentation to the Seattle branch of SWEA (Swedish Women’s Education Association). While these 3 are on their book tour for A Dog’s Devotion, they are enjoying engaging the community and raising awareness about all the hard work that SAR volunteers, especially the K9s, do for their communities.

Suzanne reports that Keb very much enjoyed meeting all the lovely people, but her favorite part was getting to sample the Swedish meatballs.

Would you like CSD members to present to your group or organization about outdoor skills and what goes into Search and Rescue efforts? Simply reach out to us at for more information.

Congratulations Chris and K9 Makalu!

Congratulations Chris and K9 Makalu!

CSD Member Chris along with K9 Makalu recently passed their National Search Dog Alliance Avalanche First Responder certification!

In addition to this certification, Chris and Makalu maintain third-party certifications in Wilderness Airscent with Large Source and Human Remains Detection Land & Water/Shoreline.

We are so proud of this team and all that they give back to the community.

Save the Date!

Save the Date!

We are pleased to bring Denise Alvord and Nick Hogden back to the Pacific Northwest for a 3 day “Trailing Foundations to Strengthen Accuracy and Performance” Workshop, April 1-3 in Snohomish County, WA.

This workshop will be limited to 10 working spots to ensure quality time for each K9 Team. Auditor spots will also be available.

Applications to attend will open mid-February so check back on our website Events page or on Facebook for the application form.

SAR K9 Fitness Live Launch Party!

SAR K9 Fitness Live Launch Party!

Join CSD Member Trina Eddy, owner and dog trainer at A Canine Experience Inc. to learn how to implement an effective fitness program for your SAR K9 in as little as 15 minutes a day, even if you are on the road. Program is March 1, 2023 at 3PM PST.

During this live Q&A you will learn the benefits of incorporating a fitness program into your K9 SAR training.

Learn how K9 SAR members receive 75% off fitness courses!

Proceeds support Cascadia Search Dogs mission to provide educational opportunities to SAR K9 Teams.

An Inside View of K9 Search and Rescue Teams

An Inside View of K9 Search and Rescue Teams

Recently CSD Members Suzanne Elshult and Guy Mansfield. accompanied by K9 Keb, did a presentation for employees at the Arc’teryx headquarters in Vancouver, B.C. They gave a formal presentation entitled “An Inside View of K9 Search and Rescue Teams: Making a Difference and Bringing Answers.” Afterwards they engaged in a lively discussion about their years of experience and lessons learned.

Part of our mission is to educate the public about outdoor safety and how volunteer search and rescue works. Our members (and dogs!) are available to do presentations and demonstrations to community groups. Contact us at



As we leave 2022 behind and jump into 2023, we hope that you will take a moment to read our “Reflections” on this past year. You can read it here.

We are grateful to all who have supported us and we look forward to lots of new quality trainings in the New Year!