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Update:  Working spots are full.  There are still a few audit spots available. Those are eligible for the scholarship as well.

Cascadia Search Dogs is pleased to announce that we are offering three partial $100 scholarships for a SAR K9 Handler to attend The Bobbie Lyon FitPAW K9 Fitness Seminar on January 4-5, 2020 in Snohomish, WA.

Come learn how to integrate exercises using FitPAW equipment to develop a fitness routine for your SAR K9.Flyer for FitPaw Workshop January 2020

Incorporating a well-devised conditioning program will keep your partner physically and mentally fit, reducing the risk of injury.

Dogs suffer from weekend warrior syndrome just as we do and need routine conditioning to tone muscles, reduce fatigue, improve flexibility, build confidence and develop body awareness.

Improve your SAR K9’s performance and keep them mission-ready by committing 15 minutes, a few days per week, to the implementation of simple exercises that can be done anywhere.

To apply:

Complete the Scholarship Application Form and email it to csdk9info@gmail.com

FitPaw Scholarship Application

Register for the Workshop: https://www.facebook.com/events/482103835969185/

We will let you know if your scholarship is approved via the email you provide in the application.

If your scholarship application is approved you will need to send evidence to us of your registration form to csdk9info@gmail.com.  We will confirm your attendance with the FitPaw Seminar host.  After completion of the Dog and handler demonstrating FitPas Equipmentworkshop, we will issue a check to you for $100 to the address on your scholarship application.


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