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These resources are provided for informational purposes only. There are many other resources available online that may be more specific to what you are interested in.

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Are You Ready for K9 Search and Rescue?
This article provides a great overview that will help people understand what all is involved in K9 Search & Rescue. While each team will have different requirements, this article provides a fair representation as to the commitment required.

Are You Ready for K9 Search and Rescue?

Articles and Documents of Interest


K9 Makalu in the Snow

Search and Rescue K9 Lessons Learned – K9 Cop Magazine April.2015
(Reprinted with permission from K9 Cop Magazine: www.k9copmagazine.com)

Selecting a Dog for Search and Rescue

SR 530 Landslide Commission Final Report 12.2014


That Others May Live


National Search Dog Alliance

K9 SAR Yak Magazine

WA State Animal Response Team

Mountain Rescue Yak Magazine

National Association for Search and Rescue

State of WA Search & Rescue Advisory Council