What We Do

Training & Education

Because we believe that quality training results in more competent K9s and handlers, we offer in-person training seminars and workshops, as well as online webinars, discussion groups, and opportunities to engage the K9 search and rescue (K9SAR) community in a variety of ways, all geared toward the development of reliable search dog teams.

We are committed to helping improve K9SAR locally, regionally and beyond by maintaining a focus on both the dog and the human end of the leash in our offerings. We open up our weekly trainings to other SAR K9 teams and also dedicate time and resources to educate and improve awareness in the general public of how K9SAR contributes toward finding the lost and missing.

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What We Do

Avalanche K9 Search

Online webinars and classes

Online classes and webinars enhance our ability to reach out to the K9SAR community across the country and beyond. We offer classes such as Search Theory for K9 Teams or Legal Considerations for the K9 Handler as well as webinars on other topics of interest.

Resource Lists

We’ve pulled together lists of resources and articles that can be helpful to SAR dog handlers at any level.

Community Service Projects

We participate in community service projects that benefit from the use of specially trained K9s.  An example is working with an historic cemetery to located unmarked graves. Contact us at info@csdk9.org for more information.

Avalanche K9 Search

Workshops & Seminars

Bringing in quality trainers from outside our team is a way to enhance training abilities. We regularly host workshops and seminars designed to enhance the training of the search and detection dogs by bringing in exceptional and recognized trainers from across the county. Check our Events page for our latest offerings.

Evaluators for National Certifications

Several of our members serve as evaluators for National Certification Agencies including the National Search Dog Alliance and SARDUS. We believe that national certification for SAR dogs is important as it confirms a working dog is trained to a known high standard equivalent to other dogs at that level.

Avalanche K9 Search

Peer-based learning & training

Through a model of peer-based learning and training, we involve other SAR and Detection K9 teams in joining us to share knowledge, ideas, and experience. We open up our weekly trainings to other teams on a regular basis and hold peer-based training opportunities such as our annual Mt. Rainier snow training weekend.

Web-based discussion groups

Web-based discussion groups are an opportunity to bring together the K9SAR community into interactive discussions with a goal of sharing ideas and knowledge.

We are always looking for new areas to train in. If you have land or a building where we might train in or around Snohomish County WA, please reach out to csdk9@gmail.com