A WA State Non-Profit Corporation Incorporated September 11, 2018

Our Mission

Cascadia Search Dogs contributes to the development of high quality detection and search dogs through training and education.

Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated volunteers who have a passion for K9 search and rescue and detection work.

We are K9 handlers, field support personnel, search managers and more.

We have deployed on hundreds of missions – from the high slopes of Mt. Rainier to the desolate landscape of the Oso landslide.  We’ve deployed by helicopter, by boat, by 4×4 and by good old hiking in.

We’ve trudged through snow, been soaked by the rain, scorched by the sun, and crawled through blackberry bushes when that was where our dog went.

Our members have achieved certifications in Airscent, Human Remains Detection, Avalanche and Disaster. We’ve also helped many others achieve their certifications in a wide range of disciplines.

We are proud to be a part of bringing home the lost and the missing.

And now, we are sharing the wealth of knowledge that we have gained over  more than two decades of search work.  Our passion for continuous scientific and psychology-based learning shines strong, undiminished.

We’ve been a part of what is good about search and rescue and detection work and we look forward to sharing with you over the coming years.

We are Cascadia Search Dogs!

Board of Directors

Suzanne Elshult, President

Steve Johnson, Vice President

Janiece Miller, Secretary

June Mansfield, Treasurer

Chris Terpstra, Director

Brenda Stone, Director

John Allan, Director

Trina Eddy, Director

Dan Merrifield, Director

Candice Church, Director

General Members

Guy Mansfield