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 Cascadia Search Dogs contributes to the development of high-quality detection and search dogs through training, education and community service projects.

The Search Dog

Search dogs play a vital role in Search & Rescue.  With their superior sense of smell, ability to move quickly and in places that are difficult for humans to go, they enhance the ability of search teams to fulfill their mission.  It takes the right handler and the right dog to make a successful team and we believe that it is quality training and education that results in competent K9 teams that assist in bringing home the lost and the missing. 

The “Cost of Lost”

Training search dogs and providing training and education to others is what we do! We are all volunteers who willingly and passionately donate our time and personal funds to making sure that the search dogs available to the community are highly and appropriately trained.

But all of this work costs money! We call it the “Cost of Lost”. From costs to acquire a dog, the upkeep and veterinary costs, to equipment, to travel and training costs, it adds up.

And this is where you come in. Your donation goes directly to supporting the work we do. It helps us put on high quality trainings with expert master trainers; it helps us acquire equipment such as GPS units and tracking collars; and it helps offset some of the costs of our teams attending outside trainings that help to hone and refine the skills of our team.

We are truly grateful for the community support we receive and hope that you will include us in your giving plans.

Going on the last three days the most effective tool has been dogs and just our bare hands and shovels uncovering people. But the dogs are the ones that are pinpointing a particular area to look, and we’re looking and that’s how we’re finding people.

Travis Hots, Snohomish County District 21 Fire Chief

Oso Landslide, 2014

Latest News

Latest Events

Live-Find Area/Airscent Workshop

Live-Find Area/Airscent Workshop

Skills, Drills and Troubleshooting!

Join us August 30 – September 1, 2024 for a workshop with Michelle Metzner. You can read more about Michelle here.

This workshop will focus on training or refining your Trained Final Response (TFR), trouble shooting foundational gaps, and developing the partnership between you and your K9 to increase effectiveness in the field. All levels of experience are welcome!

  • Learn strategies to strengthen your TFR
  • Address specific situations where the TFR breaks down
  • Identify which step of your behavior chain may be failing and how to correct it
  • Learn approaches to ensure you and your dog are speaking the same language to achieve clarity in training.

Limited to 6 working spots $200;  4 audit spots available $50.

We are able to make this seminar affordable through funding from generous donors. We will also be selecting two working spot registrants for a full scholarship via lottery!

Applications are now closed. 

Check our Facebook page for more information.


Training & Education

We offer in-person training seminars and workshops, as well as online webinars, discussion groups, and opportunities to engage the K9 search and rescue (K9SAR) community in a variety of ways, all geared toward the development of reliable search dog teams.


We’ve pulled together a large amount of resources on everything from dog equipment to social media links, podcasts, Flipboard magazines, interesting books and much more.


Stay up to date on the latest happenings with CSD and the K9SAR community and learn about upcoming educational events.

Cascadia Search Dogs stands in solidarity with those advocating for institutional and systemic change.  We stand with those demanding racial equity.  We must reject hatred and racism, even at the most subtle level.  We are stronger together!